Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Incredibly Easy Mint-Chip Ice Cream Pie

In my house, we absolutely adore comfort food.  Of those, my favorite most likely is dessert.  It's awful, but I have a terrible sweet tooth.  In honor of Saint Patrick's Day which is forthcoming,  I wanted to share one of my favorite recipes.  This pie is a favorite among guests at holidays, soooo very simple, and great any time of the year.

You will need:
A chocolate pie crust
Mint chip ice cream, softened
Cool whip or spray whipped cream
Chocolate sprinkles for garnish
Chocolate syrup for garnish
Ziplock bag or saran wrap

Begin by spooning your ice cream into your crust.

Using the ziplock bag or Saran Wrap, smooth the ice cream into the pie crust by gently pressing down.  The warmth from your hands will aid in this process. 

Spoon or spray whipped cream on top of the ice cream. 

Add chocolate sprinkle garnish. 

Place into a very cold freezer for 45 minutes to an hour to allow for setting time.  

To plate:  

I begin with a small saucer chilled beforehand. So cute!  Just love Ralph Lauren!  

Drizzle saucer with chocolate syrup. 

Set your pie slice in the center.  All set!

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