Saturday, June 29, 2013

Kick Up Your Keurig

Almost everyone enjoys coffee. I found that after a while, I was spending quite a deal of money per month on Starbucks. Enter the Keurig brewing system. The array of choices is great; but comparatively speaking, it still didn't compare, lol. These are a couple of recipes I've come up with to spice up that plain old Keurig brew.   Both of these recipes start out with a base coffee of your choosing. My favorite is, of course, the Starbucks breakfast blend, and I also love the doughnut shop's medium roast.  These recipes are favorites among my guests, especially during the holiday season.  I hope you enjoy! 

Toffee cream dream

1 brewed Keurig cup of coffee
2 Toffee International Food Heath instant creamers
2 tablespoons almond roca syrup
2 Splenda 

French Vanilla Marshmallow Madness

1 brewed Keurig cup of coffee
2 French Vanilla International Foods instant creamers
2 tablespoons marshmallow syrup
2 Splenda 

These syrups are available in large sizes at Cost Plus World Market. You may also buy them in smaller bottles at Walmart. 

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