Monday, October 6, 2014

Vette's Vampy Tea

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Halloween is such a fun time to entertain!!  Just as I grant my childhood whimsy freedom during Christmas, when it is Halloween, I let my wicked self come out and play.  ;)

When planning a spooky soirée, it seems the consummate drink of choice is a red wine sangria.  However, when entertaining wee spirits and specters, or for people who don't particularly care for alcohol, this recipe is a nice alternative.  I hope you enjoy the post.

You will need:
Tea bags or brewed (pun intended, ha) tea
Cranberry juice
Strawberry syrup

Brew your tea.  Be sure to cackle as you do so.  :0)

You will need approximately 16 teabags per one gallon of tea.  Refrigerate until cool.  

Once cool, add strawberry syrup to taste.  My go-to fave is Torani Strawberry syrup.  The syrup is very sweet; I used approximately one-fourth cup.

A vampy tea should have bite (har-har), so I also added cranberry juice.  The tartness of the juice compliments the sweetness of the strawberry syrup quite well.  For my tea, I used approximately one half cup.  You may add the desired amount to suit your liking.  I didn't do so in this case, but you may also add blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, sliced strawberries, or a combination as garnish.  Enjoy!  

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  1. Oh how macabre and wonderfully done!

    "Something wicked this way comes" for certain at this neat party!!