Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Creepy Halloween Treats

Halloween is such a fun time of year.  It's a time for children and adults alike to indulge in a bit of wicked whimsy...and that also means frightful feasts!  I am a huge fan of candy melts because they are so versatile and easy to use!  Today I am sharing three simple no-brainer candy ideas that will definitely help your Halloween festivities go off without a hitch.  I hope you enjoy the post!  For each of these treats, I used Wilton microwaveable candy melts (I have not been paid to endorse them).

Creepy Spidey Candies

To make these candies, I started with a mold I found last year at The 99¢ Store.

I loved the detail!!

Begin by filling your molds with melted candy just until the spider portion is filled.  Place in refrigerator to cool, approximately 10 minutes.  I used black candy melts, but you can really do these in any color!  Another option is to make only the bottoms of the spiders red, you would fill that portion first with red candy melts, allow to cool, then add the black.

After my spiders cooled, I filled the molds with white candy melts.  Place in refrigerator and allow to cool.

All set!  Just carefully remove from the molds.  Easy!

Another option to consider is adding a mini marshmallow just before adding the white chocolate.  Yum!

Spooky Skull Candies

These candies took a little more patience to make.  I began again with another mold I found at The 99¢ Store.

To make the eyes of the little skulls, I used a toothpick.  Roll the toothpick in the melted chocolate until an ample amount is on the toothpick.  Allow any excess to drip off.  Carefully spread the chocolate onto the eye areas by gently tapping the toothpick so the chocolate comes down the pic.

Allow to cool.  Once cool, pour melted white candy into the mold and again allow to cool.  For a more macabre effect, you can use red candy melts for the eyes!

Creepy Marshmallow Brain Pops

Upon the suggestion of my kiddos, I bought this mold a while ago really as a gag gift for my husband who knows a few neurosurgeons.  I believe its original intent was for ice (note the words brain freeze, ha, ha, ha), but it worked perfectly for my creepy candy melt marshmallow pops.

To obtain the perfect peachy-pink color, I mixed melted pink and white candy melts

and folded in a little bit of orange food coloring.

I filled the molds semi-full and a bit around the sides of each mold.

Extra-large marshmallows were cut in half

and placed sticky-side down (cleaner that way, and better handling).

I filled each mold completely up and placed into the refrigerator for just a few moments, but not long enough to completely set.

When the chocolate is semi-cool and not yet set, gently push in cake pop sticks.  Place into the refrigerator and allow to completely cool.


My kiddos helped me out with this project, and they gave me some great ideas.  If you would like to up the gross-out ante, serve these with red raspberry sauce....and you can also add a dollop of red raspberry right after the marshmallow before you add the final bit of chocolate (but in this case I would put the sticky side up so the raspberry adheres to the marshmallow).  I'll bet your guests will be surprised!! 

To see these featured in my spooky Halloween vignette, you may visit the post on my blog Parsimonious Décor Darling here.

Have a Happy Halloween!!

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