Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fruity Granola Yogurt

Growing up, I wasn't a particular fan of yogurt.  It wasn't until I had the yogurt parfait at the Nordstrom Café that I changed my tune.  I found it really delicious.  This recipe, my little spin on plain fruit and yogurt, makes for a fantastic breakfast, and is really simple.  

You will need:

Strawberry yogurt
Fresh Strawberries (for my one serving I used four medium)
Nature Valley granola bar of your choice or granola of your choice
Cinnamon if you prefer

Begin by cutting the strawberries into thin slices.  Divide the slices in half.  Chop one half of the strawberries into bits. 

Spoon your yogurt into a serving dish.  Add the chopped berries and mix altogether. 

Next, I crumble the granola bars by pounding with the flat side of my meat tenderizer prior to opening.  I use Nature Valley bars rather than buying granola because I like their variety of flavors, and find it lasts longer and is easier to keep than loose granola.

Add the crumbled granola to the yogurt-fruit mixture. 

Arrange the remaining sliced strawberries around the mound of granola. 

Sprinkle with sugar (approximately 1/4 tsp.) and if you like, cinnamon. 


Another variation is to add chopped candied nuts.  You can view my recipe for candied nuts in the archives.  Thanks for stopping by!

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